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ophthalmology in the digital age

With the Alleye app, one can perform a high-quality self-examination of the retina via a smartphone.

Lucas M. Bachmann

Founder / CEO

medignition AG

bringing healthcare to the patient

New technologies also benefit older people with eye diseases.

Erik Brühlmann


new office – we offer space for creative work

In the run-up to its 15th anniversary, medignition AG moved within Zurich from Verena Conzett-Strasse to Engelstrasse this spring.

Angelica Filippi

Head of Communications

medignition AG

ai in medicine

In medicine, artificial intelligence is rarely practical. The reasons for this are multi-layered.

Lucas M. Bachmann

Founder / CEO

medignition AG

asset tokenization

medignition partners with Mt Pelerin for asset tokenization

medignition AG

Press release

adaptive user interfaces in healthcare

Building a telemedicine technology: How dynamic user interfaces adapt to the individual user’s specific needs.

Kenny R. Lienhard

Chief Technology Officer

medignition AG

coronavirus and the future of telemedicine

As concerns about Covid-19 remain, telemedicine and home monitoring continue providing access to care when patients’ ability to see their doctors is restricted.

Meriam Islam

Topol Digital Fellow

Moorfields Eye Hospital, London